About Me

Jeannie photo shoot 001   Jeannie Intrieri was born in Greenwich and raised in between Mount Vernon and Port Chester, New York where she was one of nine cousins that typically traveled in a pack. Her heritage consists of Irish and German Catholic parents, which translates into lots of love, hot tempers, weekly enforced churching, a heavy dose of guilt, strong morals and a German grandmother with a thick accent and a knack for baking.

As the youngest of three children her childhood was spent playing with imaginary friends and trying to climb trees with her brother while wearing a tutu and her sister’s high heels. She suffered from third child syndrome which means there are no pictures of her as a baby because “we were busy, dammit”. As a teen she was threatened daily with the possibility of being shipped to the convent and plagued with the constant question of “why can’t you be more like Kathleen Mary?”

After college she became an interior designer, married her husband whom she’d been basically dating since birth, had two amazing children who both have albums filled with baby pictures and lives in a place where she is ten minutes from the beach and a short train ride from NYC.

Jeannie outgrew her tree-climbing-in-high-heels phase but still has a great fondness for tutus. As for the imaginary friends…now she spends time writing with them in YA fiction.

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