Hello my friends!

I completed my revisions and sent JESSICA MARCO PI back to the editor, Katie Teller at Curiosity Quills, on September 22, which just happens to be my birthday. Guess what I wished for when I blew out the candles this year!

I am not checking my email every five minutes. Okay, yes I am, but I’m also busy on my new WIP, work in progress. I am 9,000 words into my next YA novel. That translates into about forty pages, for my non-writer peeps. After reading FB and Tumblr posts by Victoria Schwab (veschwab.tumblr.com) I was inspired to chart my progress on a calendar. I tweaked her idea to be more of what I needed.

I’ve committed to 500 to 1000 words a day. I am not using fancy stickers, I’m just not that organized. Mine consists of numbers and lots of !!!!!!! and happy/sad faces. Keepin’ it simple ‘cause it’s fight-for-every-friggin-free-minute up in here and I’m easily distracted.

I find myself squeezing in ten minutes here, ten minutes there because I rarely have a large block of time that I can dedicate to writing. That makes it sound like writing is my hobby. Quite the contrary mother cluckers!

Writing is the beat of my heart. I daydream about my next chapter like some people daydream about a holiday or vacation. I know it’s weird. I’ve always been weird I’m just not hiding my freak flag anymore which earns me strange looks from people who thought they knew me.

But the reality is that so far I’ve only made fifty bucks from writing. Although it’s the bestest-frickin’ fifty bucks EVER, and as much as I consider myself an artist, the bills need to get paid; the kids need to be driven to school, sporting events, gatherings and movies with boyfriend. The oh-God-please-make-it-stop renovations on this why-did-we-move-here house need to get finished. Groceries need to get shopped for if anyone in my house is going to eat. Dinner prep; same reason. Exercise needs to happen so the size of the booty doesn’t get completely out of control and by out of control I mean splitting my pants or hanging down to my knees. Laundry! Teenagers– ‘nuff said. Oh, yeah, and then there’s that other thing I do during the day called a JOB, which for right now is paying some of the bills until my writing career blows up and I’m swimmin’ in da doe.

BUT…writing is the beat of my heart. It is where I dream. It is where impossible things become possible. It’s where I laugh and cry, like an idiot, in a small ugly room in my house along with a laundry wrack and a snoring French Bulldog.

It is what I love to do. Besides my family and God, writing is the most important thing in my life. So I realize as I work on my WIP that I too, am very much a WIP. Aren’t we all?




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