A request for revisions is not a rejection.

First, if you would please join me in a moment of silence for my dear departed “Mini”, mini-van that is!

After eleven years and one month of faithful service Mini died tragically on the side of Rt 25 with a car full of teenagers on our way to Fan the Fire 2014. Mini went out dramatically in a cloud of thick black smoke and high pitched engine screams as the transmission gave up its fight to keep on keepin’ on, while my passengers and I belted out Fancy, by Iggy.

Much to my dismay, the tranny could not be revived.  So, after 113,000 miles we bid our sweet farewell to the Mini. May all your roads be curvy and super exciting in that big highway in the sky!

My daughter, who just got her drivers-permit, is not so unhappy with the untimely demise of my Mini. Pfft, whatever.

Wow! Where did the summer go?? Sorry it’s been so long since my last post; a whole month!

I’ve been busy visiting, lollygagging, movie watching, ice cream eating, sun loving, long strolling, beach going, pool hopping, brain storming and REVISING. Which brings me to today’s topic:

A request for revisions is not a rejection. You bet your big booty it’s not!

In my last post I told you guys I was chosen as a finalist in a twitter pitching contest, #Pitcharama. I went to the editor round and was asked to submit my full manuscript!

There was dancing, fist pumping and screams of joy. These guys were really enthusiastic for me!

Basketball Fans (4110707636).jpg

There may also have been quite a bit of chocolate eating… Cause that’s how I roll.

After the full submit the editor, Katie Teller (@KatieTeller1), from Curiosity Quills Press,  sent me an email asking for some revisions and a resubmit. Now, some people might take this as a negative. I however, do not.

I am lucky enough that this editor is also an author. I think that gives her a unique view of the process. She gave me a full page detailing what she thought was “brilliant” and what she thought needed to be “cleaned up”. So that’s where I have been for the last month, happily revising.

Her one page is like gold to me. It is very specific yet short and to the point. Everything Katie said made perfect sense. Each time I sit down at my computer I reread her email before I begin.

I have been very blessed to be part of some amazing groups, SCBWI, Eastern, NY Shoptalk, The RedLiners and the New England SCBWI Crit Group in Lower Fairfield. These workshops, conferences and critique groups have been instrumental in getting me to this point in this process of seeking representation for JESSICA MARCO, PI. THANK YOU GUYS!

As much as a request for revisions is not a rejection, it’s also not an offer of representation…Yet! So check back with me in a week or so –you know how it is—to find out how it’s going.


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