Poetry, A True Art


I was on twitter @Forewordlit and there was a contest to write a 6 word poem inspired by the holiday season. I wrote,

“Damn these fuckin’ lights. Damn them!” and won a book! LOL.

I think the first thing I ever wrote at ten years-old was a poem, something along the lines of, “Roses are red, violets are blue, my brother just stepped in dog poo poo.” Cause, well, ten. I’ve evolved so much! All kidding aside, I love real poetry. It is truly an art.

My first favorite poet was/is Dr. Seuss. I give this book as a gift to everyone who graduates. *smiles* This book inspires me still.

Then I moved onto this happy looking chap, Edgar Allan Poe who wrote The Bells. A natural progression from Dr. Seuss. Ha! Yes, his stuff is creepy and yes, I like a little creepy.

And I love (who doesn’t), Maya Angelou’s, Alone.

I mainly write novels but I write poetry when the spirit moves me. I wrote this next poem, PAULIE, in honor of a dear friend’s husband, Paul Kelly, that passed away in August.


Through a man’s eyes you can see how much he loves his wife and children.

Through a man’s words you can hear how much he cares about everyone he knows.

Through a man’s actions you can see his integrity in which he guides all others without words.

Through a man’s composure you feel at ease.

Through a man’s laughter, its sound, its depth, its frequency, you can feel how genuine he is.

Through a man’s spirit, you feel the goodness, the very essence of his soul reach down inside you burning a mark upon your heart. It is at this point, when the spirit is so much bigger than the man’s physical form, so big in fact, it can no longer be contained, that all must step aside.

Through a man’s life, if he has done it right, all who knew him will be forever changed for the better. Forever and after.

For more poetry check out poetryfoundation.org and poets.org.

Happy Hump Day Peeps 🙂

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