Pitch Wars, NaNo, Anxiety, Oh My!

Wow! What an amazing time of year! No, I’m not just talking about the holidays. But just between you and I, I’ve been secretly listening to Christmas music in my car for the past two weeks while agreeing with everyone who complains that it’s on too early…SORRY!

What I’m really talking about is my first experience with NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which happened in November. The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month. I did not make it to 50K *a tear falls from the eye* Not. I am super proud to say that I made it to 15,000!! I jumped on board two days before it started, inspired by my writer friends, just for the experience. Just thinking about it gave me anxiety but I jumped in anyway. And despite that the computer gods were trying to mess with me by tagging me as a spammer and not letting me access my NaNo account, one month later I have 15k words to the second book (DARKNESS) in my series *happy nerdy dance*. So there’s that.

Then…one of my writing buddies from Shop Talk, (SCBWI Eastern NY writers group…fist pump to my peeps) told me about Pitch Wars hosted by Brenda Drake(@brendadrake/#pitchwars).

It’s an incredible opportunity to be mentored by an author for five weeks who will help polish my manuscript and get it ready to pitch to an agent in the agent round. Thank the Lord *angels sing* that my manuscript is done and ready to roll since I found out about this opportunity two days before it started. Any one see a recurring pattern? Again…anxiety!

Anxiety is a crazy thing. It’s a very illogical response to a non-problem. At least, that’s how it is for me. Really, what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? I don’t get chosen to work with any of the mentors I picked. Now, don’t get me wrong, that will suck the big whale size wiener. But I won’t die from it, I won’t get cancer because of it, my toes won’t fall off and I’ll live to try again. This is a rational thought. Anxiety takes rational thoughts and turns them into lies in your head that cause deep breathing and heart palpitations that steal your aspirations. Well, I’m flippin’ the bird at anxiety from now on because you can’t win it if your not in it.

I would love to hear what you’ve got going on! What do you aspire to do in the new year (or two days from now if your on my path)? Do you get anxiety? Do you eat an entire gallon of ice cream when you’re nervous or do you hit the gym and sweat it out?

Happy Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “Pitch Wars, NaNo, Anxiety, Oh My!

  1. Anxiety has less calories than ice cream…I count my toes on a daily basis (-;

    Fingers crossed for both of us sister!! Xoxo!


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