I’ve decided that I’m a hump-day-blogger. For no other reason other than I just like to say “hump day blogger”.  Today is about COLOR.

In the years leading up to being an author I was an interior designer and on occasion I still do some consulting. Since it’s fall and everyone is talking about the awesome colors on the trees, except my peeps in California who only have palm trees, it got me thinking how colors effect us. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which means I’m trying to write 50K words in one month… anxiety is hovering right at the “OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!” level. What 50K words in one month means is that I’m spending a lot of time in my office among the many piles that include reference books, three printed copies of finished manuscripts, a plethora of notes and lots of Christmas wrapping paper. Okay, so I don’t have a separate wrapping room…I never said I was Martha Stewart. But what I do have, in my organized chaos, is peace. Not because I’m so in tune with my chi or whatever I’m supposed to be in tune with, but because I have created a space with color that is calming. My walls are painted “soothing celadon”(bluish green) and my carpet is “sandy beach” beige because that’s what does it for me.  That’s what I need in my busy day when I sit down, for whatever allotted time I have, when I take a deep breath in, let it out slow and call all my creativity up to the surface. This is a practice that is not solely connected to writing or to interior design which is good news because not everyone can repaint their interior.

Let’s face it, life is busy, the day is rushed, you’ve got five different things going on at any one moment. So if you need peace, or passion, or energy, and you don’t want to wait for the universe to hand it to you, you’re going to have to create it yourself and the easiest way is with color.  Now, just because a beachy type grove works for me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you need.  You have to decide what colors do it for you based on what you need right now. Studies have been done on how colors effect us emotionally. 20131105-200924.jpg

If  you can’t paint your space, you can hang a painting in your space. Or if you’re on the go, you can take your colors with you. You can buy a shirt, socks, scarf, hat or whatever fits into your budget. And if you can’t paint or buy anything and you have a pair of eyes in your head, find an image on the internet. The point is, get inspired and then dive into the thing you’ve been putting off…Writing perhaps? Exercise? Diet? Volunteering? A new job? School? Whatever! Whether you’re sporting a yellow sweater picking up your kids at school or rockin a pair of fire engine red socks in the grocery store, make it happen for you. As we head into the winter and our fabulous oranges, reds and yellows change into variations of gray, grab hold of some color and don’t let it bring you down!

What colors speak to you? If they’re saying some weird crap you may want to get that checked out with a doc! LOL. Do you use color in a whole room or paint your nails with it? Do you feel better or worse in certain colors?

Happy whatever you’ve got going on and see you next hump-day…hopefully I will not jump off the proverbial writing cliff by then! 50 thousand words…what was I thinking??

6 thoughts on “HAPPY HUMP DAY!

  1. NaNo is all about letting go of your typical writing habits and pushing yourself to do something you might not ordinarily do. It’s like trying out a different office color. :o) I tend to gravitate towards the fall colors, but I find that more than anything my mood influences my color choices. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up to find out I’d “accidentally” picked out mine and the boys clothes in all the same colors. It was what I was feeling at the moment. Yay for color and keep on NaNoing!


  2. Blues and greens mostly… anything soothing. I have celadon dish ware and I LOVE it!
    I used to hang large tapestries to change up my colors!


  3. Blues and greens are my favorite!!.. don’t think they calm me, not sure if that’s possible 🙂 I saw this hump day blog and started laughing because that is now what my two older children say every Weds. morning coming down to the kitchen at 6:15 to have their breakfast before school – IT’S HUMP DAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Gotta chuckle
    and p.s. 50 thousand words?? too bad you didn’t have this passion in high school.. lol


    • You may not feel peaceful but at least you look peaceful 😉 with four kids you may need something more than colors to help you! I don’t know what you’re talking about… I was passionate in high school. I was just a closet writer then!


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