Boots, Peanut Butter, and Halloween!

If you’re looking for the common thread in these three things it’s only in my mind. And if you thought this blog was just going to be about writerly/authorly things… No way!

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Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. My birthday is in September, which I like to treat as my own personal holiday and drag all friends and family along for the ride. It’s not about the presents. It’s about the multiple times I can have cake! Connecticut foliage is amazing… until the leaves fall in my yard and I have to partake in raking. Not a big fan. But then there’s tea and baking and cool days that require a sweater and everything pumpkin and Halloween costumes and Halloween! I love other holidays, like Easter and Christmas (more cookies!), but I gotta say Halloween is huge in my world. When I was a kid I excelled at dress-up. I was one of the kids you see walking around in a costume in June…February…December, whenever. And if I wasn’t rockin a full costume you could bet I was wearing some part of one, be it a wig, a hat, long silk gloves, or my mother’s lacy white nighty that I thought was a ball gown. And who hasn’t stomped around in their mother’s high heels a time or two! Which brings me to…Boots!

 I LOVE boots. Another reason to love the Halloween season! I usually find them at DSW, Famous Footwear, and Marshalls. I’m going to let you take a peak into my obsession, I mean recent additions to my collection because I always like to share a good bargain.

20131020-095800.jpgThese b.o.c. babies were on the clearance rack at Famous Footwear for $5!! I kid you not. I had to buy them or it would have been disrespectful to the boot gods.

29 daffodil lane 076Then I found these Tommy Hilfiger’s at Marshalls for $69.99. Again… thank you boot gods!

 29 daffodil lane 075

And these DKNY beauties, also at Marshalls, were $59.99! *angels sing* Yes, these are high heels, and no, I don’t often wear them because they make me about six foot two, so these may actually be, as my dear friend Asa calls them, “sitting shoes”. And I’m not usually a label dropper but shoes are one place I try to get better brands. Because lets face it, if you shove your bottom into a pair of jeans that don’t fit too well, you’re not going to be crippled. Uncomfortable and barely able to breath, yes. Crippled no. You do that with your feet? Can you say Bunions! That being said, let’s move on to …Peanut Butter!

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Peanut Butter is one of my favorite food groups. My problem with it is that it’s so darn high in fat. So I thought I’d share my new find with you courtesy of my niece, Samantha Ferraro, the dietician…PB2! It’s defatted peanut butter powder. For 2 Tablespoons it has 45 calories, 1.5 grams fat, and 5 grams protein. My new favorite afternoon snack is vanilla almond milk, a banana, 2Tbsp PB2 and ice. Yumm!! It gives me energy and hits my sweet craving, so it’s a win win!

What’s your favorite time of year? Are you a boot person or a flip-flopper? Peanut Butter…love it or hate it? I would LOVE to hear from you 🙂

That’s it for now shoe-wearin-Halloween-lovin-peanut butter-eaters!…happy Monday !

4 thoughts on “Boots, Peanut Butter, and Halloween!

  1. OMG, I am most definitely a boot person. Love any boot sales I can find. Great finds by the way. Fall is my favorite time of the year as well, great hair weather for me. Halloween it also my favorite holiday, love seeing all the different costume and yelling at the kids who have to imagination and try to get candy from me and try to pass as something they are clearly NOT!! Thanks for the PB tip, not a big fan of peanut butter, my husband thinks there is something wrong with me. But both him and my son love it and its great to know there is an alternative to Jiffy and the other one :).


  2. Hmmmm I left a comment on here when it first went up, but I don’t see it. somebody ate my comment. Anyway–for me it’s sneakers. I have a sad, sad sneaker thing. And instead of peanut butter it’s chocolate. But other than that–totally the same. LOL!


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